Welcome to our video reel. Here you can see the beating heart of our diverse portfolio, which ranges from documentaries and adverts in Asia through to promotional material for nightlife venues, Tesco Bank and the Ideal Home show.


We always work hard to intimately understand your vision and needs so do get in touch and tell us about your bright ideas for your next video.


Tesco Bank

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Platypus Productions were asked by Tesco Bank to capture a taste of the excitement, creativity and raw entrepreneurial spirit at their latest innovation event in London. This will be used internally to promote the series of events in Tesco Group.



The Kindest Cut is Platypus Productions debut documentary. It aims to help transform a local community's view of stray animal sterilization through interview and education by people who you might not expect.


Cinema Advert

Currently playing in Thai cinemas, this short promotional video was made for Phangan Animal Care, to help connect potential donors with the life saving work the centre does on a daily basis. This video set a staggering new online engagement record.


Ideal Home Show

Platypus Productions were asked by Drinks by the Dram, at short notice, to create a short, snappy promotional video to be released within 48 hours in order to advertise their stall at the Ideal Home Show before the weekend rush.


Planet Angel

Platypus Productions were asked by Planet Angel to breathe new life into their promotional videos for upcoming events. We storyboarded, cast, filmed and delivered this exciting, break neck journey of enjoyment.


Logo Animation

As part of our work, Platypus Productions are often asked to animate our clients logos, in order to fit in with the video. Here is an example we did for the fiverr website.

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