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A Country Wedding Film - Groombridge Place

September 27, 2017

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5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Videographer

December 8, 2017

It’s a thrilling, daunting but wonderful experience planning a wedding and watching at all of your plans culminate in the best day of your life. But what about when the memories have faded? Yes the pictures tell a story but not in the same way or depth as a good wedding film can.


The thing is, just as in choosing a restaurant or a plumber, there are lots of good and bad wedding videographers out there and finding the right one for you will depend as much on your taste as it will on style and personality.




In this blog, we will investigate 5 things for you to consider when choosing a wedding videographer.




1 - Examine Their Work


Though perhaps the most obvious, always watch some of their work and think about whether you like their style of filming and editing? Also look at the type of venues they’ve shot at; does it match or exceed your expectations?



2 - Do They Have Reviews?


Most wedding videographers will have a review from happy bride and groom and some will even have venues which actively recommend them, as a number of Kent-based venues do for us.



3 - What Packages do they offer – what do you want?


There are many types of wedding videography packages out there, ranging from three-minute cinematic trailers all the way through to the full wedding with speeches and the full ceremony included. Having an idea of what you might want and seeing whether it matches any of the packages is a good way to begin assessing whether they are the right videographer for you.



4 - What Kit Do They Use?


Whilst most videographers will use up-to-date, 4K capable cameras, it’s also worth bearing in mind the size of the equipment they will use. Videographers with large broadcast style cameras can often be intimidating to the speakers and those aren’t media trained, so it’s worth bearing this in mind.




5 - Do You Like Them As A Person?


Whilst you don’t necessarily have to be best friends with your videographer, everything works so much more smoothly if you get on with each other and you much more likely to have a stress free and successful experience, then if you hire someone without getting to know them.



You’ll notice that we didn’t include cost within the top five things to think about; firstly, you’ve already probably got a budget in mind and secondly, you really do pay for what you get. Wedding video production is an incredibly complex process, with hours of footage to sift through from multiple cameras you’re not just paying for the wedding videographer to turn up on the day for all of the painstaking time there will spend on your film afterwards.


We hope this was helpful and please do feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or check out our website for our packages and be guaranteed to be as happy as the couple we shot below.







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