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September 27, 2017

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5 Steps to Create Measurable Success From Video Content

January 25, 2018





One of the key challenges highlighted within a recent market survey we conducted was around how to create measurable success from an investment in a business film.


Marketing professionals we contacted also said that they often struggled with keeping the momentum going before, during and after a video campaign.


We also observed that many across industry will release well shot video and hope for the best.


In this blog will look at five sure-fire steps to ensure you can create lasting measurable success from a business film campaign:



1 - Know who you’re targeting


This is the cornerstone of any successful marketing campaign, in that without knowing everything from the demographics to the likely social media habits of your target audience, you won’t be able to ensure you advertise in the right place.



2 - Use short social media films as a buildup


Once you better understand your target audience, you can make an informed judgement call about which social media channel would be the best fit for a short series of social media films to introduce your audience to your product, business or concept.


Not only can you use the inbuilt informatics engines that most social platforms provide to see who your short videos are reaching but you can directly link this to a landing page on your website and use Google Analytics to measure traffic volumes, demographics, the origin of the click-through and a whole lot more.


You should plan for a minimum of 3 short social media videos with the ideal number being 7 – 10. This will allow you time to hone your target audience and where any advertising spend will be targeted.


3 - Support your social media videos with a blog campaign


But aren’t blogs so 2013!? Perhaps but they’re an essential part of appealing to different forms of learners, as well as taking advantage of Google’s Rankbrain, which decides a page’s place on Google.


Strong written content of at around 2000 words, coupled with video will push you up the rankings free of charge.



4 - Use targeted adverts on Google and social media


We don’t have budget for this! Isn’t it really expensive!? Well, in a word no.


Depending on who you’re targeting and how specific you are this can be an exceptionally good way to reach your target audience for the entirety of your campaign.


If you advertise with Google through pay per click you can take advantage of it’s advanced metrics analysis tools, as well as automatically building a list of who has responded to your campaign. You can then use this list for follow up marketing after your main release, thereby continuing to gain value from your initial investment and campaign after it ends.


5 - Release your main film


Congratulations, it’s time for the big final release. If you’ve followed the steps listed above then you’ve taken some great steps towards ensuring your overall campaign will be successful. Not only will you have fully understood your target audience and refined your targeting parameters but you’ll be gleaning valuable insight into who is watching your content and engaging with your brand.


Don’t forget to have a defined path for interested customers to reach you.



That’s all for today. We hope you’ve found this blog useful and insightful. At Platypus Productions, we have over 5 years experience in marketing and film and offer services ranging from video production to marketing consultancy so please do get in touch with any questions or enquiries you might have.



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