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September 27, 2017

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4 reasons you need a corporate video strategy in 2018:

January 16, 2018

In the past, you could easily get away with regularly publishing in-depth blogs, occasionally posting on social media and having a reasonably up-to-date company or product video.

Sadly, this is no longer the case and you have to go above and beyond to create captivating and inspiring content across all platforms in order to reach your whole target audience.

Here are four reasons why you need a corporate video strategy in 2018:





1: You need to appeal to different types of learners

When I used to be in sales and marketing management for a large FTSE 100, we spent a lot of time understanding how best to effectively educate people on topic, whether it be sales -related, content -related or product -related. The key here is that if you only write blogs then you are only communicating to one type of learner, whereas if you incorporate catchy visual content you can capture a more diverse target audience.



2: Different demographics consume content in different ways


Depending on who your target audience is, you need to bear in mind that someone who is 55 will engage with your content in a very different way to someone who is 15 or even 25. This can affect everything from the length of video through to whether the video is paired with a blog series for example.



3: Google and Facebook love video

Do you want to increase the audience reach of your content without spending a penny on advertising? Well both Google and Facebook firmly prioritise video content over all other types of content. Their mantra is: “If you as a brand or business are producing video content then it must be good content so it will automatically rank higher up our listings”.


4: Video is easy to share


Both YouTube and Vimeo offer options to easily embed content on your website, blog or anywhere else you should choose. They both additionally offer easy options for sharing the video and will both currently autoplay on Facebook. That means that when someone shares your fantastic new and shiny corporate video, people will instantly begin watching it as they scroll through their news feed.




At Platypus Productions, we regularly advise customers around video marketing strategy and how you can get the most out of social media & help drive traffic to your website through Google. What are you waiting for? 2018 is calling and good video content really will make a difference to your marketing strategy. Why not get in contact with us today to see how we can help?

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